Carrageenan: Absolutely safe and cancer free substance for all its uses

Carrageenan as an ingredient has been used in organic, milk and other products as well as for its medicinal use from hundreds of years and all world bodies of food standards in all major countries of the world find it safe.  The medicinal use of it is recommended with safety and precautions in certain conditions such as in pregnancy and breast feeding, blood clotting.

However, for its use as in general and domestic products as a constituent is safe and no harm from its daily use are found in human beings

World of Myths

Since Carrageenan has no nutritional aspect or value, its use should be avoided. It is not a food substance but an additive meant for

  • Texture of the product
  • Increasing shelf life and food preservation

Carrageenan is approved for human consumption and all studies on consumption of it have found it safe for humans.


Carrageenan cancer in animals

Poligeenan, which is totally and altogether different substance has been  found to be harmful and unsafe for human beings and hence it is not used in foods. All the studies on animals have been conducted with regard to Poligeenan and carrageenan.

A clinical study conducted among that rodents which were fed daily with intake of 5% carrageenan aqueous solution were found to be having some chances of colon metaplasis during a period of two years.

There has been no studies conducted on humans, but clinical studies have been conducted on mice, rabbits, rodents, guinea pigs and mice and they show some connection of carrageenan and colon cancer with such a huge intake of carragenan daily.

All the studies vary by type of animal, methodology and material tested. Many of studies on animals have employed flawed use of carrageenan, including ingesting or injecting rather than feeding as a food ingredient.

There have been cellular studies of carrageenan cancer on its effects of human cells from different organs that carrageenan can not even reach because carrageenan is totally excreted in full when it is consumed with food as an ingredient.

The purpose of clinical studies on animals has no co-relation with human intake. Moreover, such studies have been carried out with the mere intention of its all out use by animals.  The chances of cancer increase among animals because of no care for side effects.

The unbiased truth is that human consumption in its form and ingredient whether for food, dairy or medicine or other domestic products have not at all any co-relation even in the remotest way with cancer.


Getting the Best of the Micro Quadcopter Reviews

The miniquad copter is becoming one of the most fun devices for people to use these days. They love the enjoyment they can get in flying them while also being able to do amazing tricks. They are truly a fun little toy to enjoy that goes beyond being a simple little kids toys these days.

It has become one of the most enjoyable things for people to do, and so this is why many are out searching micro quadcopter reviews looking to find the very best option for themselves. They want to make sure that if they are making an investment, even if it is a small one, that they feel like they are getting their money’s worth. That is perfectly understandable.


There are some great models of micro quadcopter that you will find could really suite your needs. Here are a few of the best for you to look at if you are interested in buying one.

Hubsan X4 H107C 2.4 4CH RC Quadcopter – This is quadcopter that is about 2.3 inches across in width and length. It comes with a great 720p camera that is HD and weighs slightly over a pound. This is one of the best quadcopters because the price is low in comparison to many others but the quality is still outstanding. For those who are beginners and looking to learn how to fly a quadcopter but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, this is definitely the choice. You will also love the fact that this is a very durable quadcopter that can take some abuse and still keep right on going. Great LCD lights and the controller give you a lot of control and functionality.

Nano QX RTF with Safe Technology – This is a lot larger than the prior model, measuring 14.1 by 8.4 inches, but still classifies as a micro quad. The technology is made so that this is ready to fly right out of the box, and the controller is easy to learn, making it ideal for those who are newbies. The SAFE technology helps to maintain the agility and stability modes and you will find that this is one of the most fun quadcopters that you will be able to fly. The cost is reasonable and it is a great joy to get in the air.

Syma X1 Channel l2.4G RC Quad Copter – Weighing in at about a pound and a half, this is a great little machine that will give you hours of fun. This is the “spacecraft” model and is a great deal of fun and quite powerful. It has two different fly modes, indoors and out, and has one of the more unique radio control elements on the market. This provides exceptional balance that allows you to perform great 3D maneuvers with ease. The new 3-Axis control makes 360 degree eversions really something to behold. You will also find that you will have an incredibly stable flight using this controller.